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If you’ve been considering a¬†residential painting service for your home, then call on the color experts at PMJ Fine Painting. Picking the right colors for your home doesn’t have to be so daunting or tedious. Color coding your home will be easier when you have our specialists working for you.

Exterior painting is great for the home front because it will help brighten up the neighborhood. If there are lots of homes in your area that color match, then why not be different by going with an exterior paint that centralizes your home?

Exterior paint that is well maintained will last a long time and prevent the sun from penetrating your exterior. This will also prevent large energy bills. Do yourself a favor and have PMJ Fine Painting residential painting done on your home.


Now interior paint is a bit different from exterior as it is not affected by the weather and takes more of a beating from the family. If your walls could talk, they could probably tell a lot about your family. From hand marks to dings, interior walls are not safe from human interaction.

If you have children, lighter color walls are probably not the best idea. Lighter walls show more dirt and other imperfections. White walls and lighter colors can offset the rooms in your home such as your bedroom or living room, but maybe not your kid’s rooms.

Nevertheless, if you are still unsure of what color or colors to choose, you can always settle for white or another lighter color. White is considered the universal color for house painting. For interior paint colors it varies slightly. Call for more ideas in regards to the type of interior paint to use for your home.

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Let The Residential Painting Professionals Help

Whether it’s interior paint or exterior, let the color specialists at the PMJ Fine Painting brighten up your home as there are lots of great ways to do so. Don’t let this opportunity pass you by. A little color to your home will brighten up your life as well as your home.

At PMJ Fine Painting, we are fully aware of how important your home and surroundings are to you. Whether we are painting the interior or exterior of your home, condominium or apartment, we know you expect the very best quality service for the price.

Go with our PMJ Fine Painting residential painting service and you’ll know why we are the best in the area. We make homes more enjoyable to look at while preserving them. You don’t have to live with a poorly painted house anymore.

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